School will take place from May, 14th (Sunday) to May, 19th (Friday) 2023.

 The 38th EMS Summer School 2023 in Rome is entiteled

“Membrane process engineering: synergic cooperation of membrane practitioners to tackle future challenges”

 Modern membrane science and technology aids engineers in developing and designing more efficient and environmentally-friendly processes. Research on the optimal material and membrane selection as well as applications in the many involved industries is still going on. Engineers working in membrane science and applications (wastewater, desalination, adsorption, and catalysis), process engineers in separation science, biologists and biochemists, environmental scientists all synergically work together to tackle the new challenges in the next future. Their multidisciplinary approach allows the design of hybrid technologies for current and future life-saving applications (artificial organs, drug delivery). With particular focus on (sub topics):

  • Membrane modelling
  • Membrane modules and novel materials
  • Fouling and cleaning
  • Membrane process design
  • Membrane process control
  • Process integration
  • Process intensification
  • Industrial applications
Every major session (2 hours) may be presented by one or two teachers.

Round tables are small guided sessions of a teacher using the Problem Based Learning approach (Aalborg) on the topic of interest, organizing small groups of participants to work together for a small amount of time. Participants may subscribe specific groups before the start of the session during coffee breaks.

Industrial applications topic may be covered with priority by sponsors (where available).

A Brochure of the Summerschool is available for download here: